Cockpit Solution
Health Monitoring
Daily Management System
Android App Development
Master Gantt Chart
E-learning Training module
Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA)
Inventory Management
Employee Performance System
Smart Lighting – Sensor Based, Human Centric Lights
Smart Lighting – Mobile Application

Toggle Switch

Bill Estimation

Usage Statistics and Analytics

Hierarchy Based User Access

Time Based Automation

Geo-location Based Automation

Andon System

Wireless Communication between Andon RYG light and production line to display errors

Smart VFD
Smart Add-on Block
Smart GSM Pump Controller
Smart Panel – Wi-Fi and GSM based Operations



Smart Panels – Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA)

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View details and available attachments for various parameters

Detailed view of the internal structure and display parameters respectively

Wireless LED Displays
Digital Displays
Energy Monitoring System (EMS)