Health and Safety Policy


ORBITTAL management firmly believes that Health and Safety of its employees, who are an asset to the company, is of utmost importance. Safety is an essential and integral part of ORBITTAL GROUP.

Therefore all work shall be carried out with utmost care, giving due consideration to safety. Accidents and risk to health are preventable through continual improvement in the working environment and involvement of all employees making thereby a safe, healthy and accident free workplece

Orbittal EEPPL, Health and Safety Objectives

  • Comply with the requirements of all relevant statutory, regulatory and other provisions
  • Incorporate appropriate health and safety criteria and factors into business decisions as well as selection and placement of personnel at appropriate levels and assigning the responsibility thereof.
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace through operational procedures, safe systems and work methodology.
  • Develop safety awareness to protect all employees from foreseeable work hazards.
  • Provide appropriate levels of tranining and support to management and employees to ensure that they are able to fullfill health and safety responsibilities.
  • Work with major suppliers, contractors and customers to facilities their health and safety performance improvement and aslo make it obligatory for them to follow the safety rules, regulations, procedures and systems.
  • Conduct audits and mock drills on site to ensure that operations are in compliance with health and safety management requirements.
  • Ensure that appropriate resources are available for implementation of health and safety policy and a continuous review with respect to legal and business development of ORBITTAL.
  • ORBITTAL sincerely believes that accidents are preventable and aim to achieve “ZERO ACCIDENT LEVEL”.